27th June 2013

William Basinski Fennesz

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To celebrate the release of ‘Nocturnes‘, Basinski performed the title track in it’s entirety at the opening night of St John Sessions, set within the vast transept of St John’s Church in Hackney alongside performances from Christian Fennesz and Helm.

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8:00 pm
11:30 pm

Jun 27—2013
William Basinski

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The beautiful, lofty interior of the lovely St. John in Hackney church in Clapton was a fitting location to drink in the subtle, gentle tones of both these heavyweights of ambient music. Their sets were considerably different (and I should imagine that Helm - whose opening performance I sadly missed - also served up something wildly at odds with what came afterwards), but both reverberated around the hall, textures seeming to drift off the walls and out of nooks and crannies organically, meaning even the quietest moments in Basinski’s rendition of ‘Nocturnes’, from his recent album of the same name, were loaded with a palpable physicality.

Joseph Burnett

William Basinski is perhaps the crossover star of the minimalist world, his influence spreading into corners hitherto untouched by his techniques. He toys with the workings of nostalgia, using decomposing repetition to evoke strange yearnings for a more innocent past. The intense emotional reactions his music fosters are also often underwritten by contextual stories and personal revelations.

Tom Durston