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15th September 2017

Clandestine Quartet


Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls/Alvarius B)
Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls/Rangda)
Chris Corsano (Flaherty-Corsano/Rangda)
Michael Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra/Flower-Corsano)

Thirty Three Thirty Three are proud to present the premiere performance from Clandestine Quartet, a band which includes brothers Alan and Richard Bishop – formerly of Sun City Girls, one of the most fiercely independent, challenging and totally unpredictable bands to have operated outside of the mainstream. Sun City Girls embraced and subverted styles and tropes from various genres and cultures, creating a blend of deranged surf, Eastern-but-not-Eastern free improvisation, stateless folk, avant-mysticism and whatever...Senyawa
Jogjakarta’s Senyawa embodies the aural elements of traditional Indonesian music whilst exploring the framework of experimental music practice, pushing the boundaries of both traditions. Their music strikes a perfect balance between their avant-garde influences and cultural heritage to create truly contemporary Indonesian new music. Their sound is comprised of Rully Shabara’s deft extended vocal techniques punctuating the frenetic sounds of instrument builder, Wukir Suryadi’s modern-primitive instrumentation. Inventions like his handcrafted ‘Bamboo Spear’; a thick stem of bamboo strung up with percussive strips of the animal skin along side steel strings. Amplified it fuses elements of traditional Indonesian instrumentation with garage guitar distortion. Sonically dynamic, the instrument can be rhythmically percussive on one side whilst being melodically bowed and plucked on the other. Their next album is due to be released in early 2017 with Pioneer Works, Brooklyn USA.

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5th October 2017





Presented by Thirty Three Thirty Three & St John Sessions

Heavy, mutilated strains of electronic music with influence from the sounds of Detroit, UK and Germany - Laurel Halo's music is shapeshifting, moody and ecstatic. The Michigan-born and Berlin-based artist has been a mainstay of the London-based label Hyperdub, who released her breakout, divisive debut album Quarantine in 2012. The record received critical acclaim, and was named Wire Magazine's Album of the Year. Since then she's released two more albums - 2013's Chance of Rain for Hyperdub, 2015's In Situ for Honest Jon's - and toured extensively with a live hardware PA. In addition, Laurel hosts a regular show on Berlin Community Radio, having originally cut her teeth as a freeform DJ on the legendary WCBN-FM station in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has collaborated with John Cale, Julia Holter, David Borden, Daniel Wohl, and Metahaven among others.Halo has also composed the soundtrack for Still Be Here, a Transmediale/CTM film commission starring the Japanese virtual popstar, Hatsune Miku, which debuted at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and was most recently shown at the Barbican Hall in London. Her latest album, Dust, is due out on Hyperdub in late June.

Mnestic Pressure
is an exposition of individually and collectively pressured memory,
musically articulated in a series of elegiac melodic movements,
punctuated with swerving beat structures and and shrill pitch
manouevers. Stylistic motion twists and genre bending mixes are
reminiscent of the ambience of Lee's dynamic DJing style.

live in these strobing, visual times, like a constant subliminal
advertisement but, also over the last few years the world seems to
have become more and more dreamlike, alien, and parodic itself and
there was this part of me that wanted to drag my music back from
this Shangri-La, but fully drenched and infected by it’s

The live presentation of the album will use purpose built
generative systems to control flash lighting, project ‘after
images’ and rewire the album’s sonics.

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