2nd September 2014

Lonnie Holley

Holly Herndon


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Lonnie Holley returns to London after a landmark 2013, which saw a sold out show at Cafe Oto and his ‘Just Before Music/ Keeping a Record of It’ ending up on many end of year lists, which included the the no 1 spot over on The Vinyl Factory’s comprehensive run down.

Given Lonnie’s back story of hardship and struggle his creative output over the past 30 years continues to show him as ’the outside inspirator’ with a singular vision. ‘From The Other Side of The Pulpit’ one of his tracks from 'Just Before Music' brings a particular intrigue to this performance within the unique atmosphere of St John at Hackney church as Lonnie takes to the altar not as a church performer or a musician in any conventional sense but as a preacher of sound and improvisational creativity.

"Simply put, no other artist caught our attention from the off this year quite like Lonnie Holley. Moving and deeply visceral, both of these records showcase the 63-year old visual artist and musician reveling in the freedom of uninhibited expression that circulates on a bed of New Age synths, lo-fi percussion and treated guitars. Despite undeniable sonic and aesthetic connections to Sun Ra and Arthur Russell, Lonnie Holley’s music is a law unto itself, with the inimitable blues orator free-forming at its core."

Holly Herndon - unique "one-off performance"

Holly Herndon is being increasingly vaulted as one of the most gifted new artists in electronic music and laptop composition, and her live performances do a great deal to add to this reputation. St John Sessions and Bleed are very excited to announce a special one off performance that will see Holly designing a set in direct response to the acoustics and atmosphere of St John at Hackney church. Holly assures us we’re in for something special that will sit in contrast to her recent sets, and will mark her first London show for 2014.

Her debut LP on RVNG, 'Movement', is essential listening! Using the laptop as her sole tool, she foregrounds her own voice, albeit a highly treated, fractured and at times dehumanised rendition of it. Psychoacoustic trickery is allied with techno nous to create a sound that is all her own. Her most recent releases- 'Body Sound' and ‘Chorus’ further this cause as they find innovative ways of exaggerating and expanding acoustic sounds through digital means.


Astor is the current musical vehicle for the work of Clapton based Australian Mark Harwood, and this performance comes off the back of two acclaimed LPs for the ever-intriguing Kye records. 2012’s Alcor and last years Inland, are to our ears, fine works in surreal field recording and the obfuscation of sound, and with live shows being few and far between, this is a cause for some ‘home turf’ excitement.

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7:00 pm
11:00 pm

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